Introduction and Deepening Retreat “IDR” | Marbella

About this event: 

The gateway to access the movement.

Training for facilitators, doctors, psychologists, and therapists to fine-tune the integration of the method of Inner Evolution, be it to carry out an ongoing process of personal deepening, or to join our organization and collaborate in the movement.

The primary topic is THE CONSCIOUS USE OF EVERYTHING. From tools to words, from techniques to communication, from instruments to people, from knowledge to comprehension. Knowing to consciously use what we are and what we have from a place of power that flows from the Being, which does not seek protagonism as it has given up wanting to be the center of everything in order to offer its presence as part of the all.

“Every student can be master of himself, and make himself available and at the service of life.”


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Evolución Interior S.L.
Account number: ES85 2100 3901 9202 0022 7000
Bank: La Caixa
Address: Av. Alameda, s/n CP 28140. Fuente el Saz de Jarama.


27 - 31/Jul/2022


Marbella, Spain


Center for Inner Evolution Studies
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